A different perspective of femininity. Does being independent turn off a man’s natural instinct to protect and care for a woman? — You decide—

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On Femininity:-

The breaking apart of the male to female bond is at the core of the evil intentions.
Whether one believes the Adam & Eve story as true, or allegorical, by merely observing the effects of feminism, it can be easily seen as a tremendous loss for the female. It is a loss for the male as well, as he has lost his counterpart that nurtures and assists to help fortify him; but it is her loss most of all.
Eve came from within (the rib) Adam. It is within Adam that her power resides.
She cannot expect to ever act independently and be strengthened.
It is not only how God has intended this to be, but it is impossible for her to do so.

In hindsight, as women begin to see the effects of women’s liberation, they begin to acknowledge that women are more dominated than ever before by strangers (the stranger) instead of the ones that love them; and the power they have access to is diminished and lost.
The more women resist in accepting that which is natural to them, the more they will weaken, be stressed, depressed, and die.

Women are rightly unequal to men in the world, because of their nature that seeks to be led. It is built-in inherently to all women, and it is within this vulnerability that they find the hand to help them climb hills and mountains.
Through this unequal bond, that requires submission, an equilibrium of the Spirit is found.
In this equilibrium is the Love that many women seek, but have lost.

He awaits them; either directly or through a good man that follows Him rightly. I thank my Beloved, always and for ever.
I keep my hand in His, as it must be, and I am loved.

– Author anonymous.